Clinica Ogodent - tratamentul parodontozei cu laser

Laser therapy

THE TREATMENT OF PERIODONTAL DISEASES WITH LASER is the most modern in the field of dentistry, being a non-invasive technique, extremely precise, fast and, very importantly, completely painless. The EPIC ™ X Biolase dental laser significantly reduces bleeding in non-surgical periodontal therapy and the post-procedure recovery period ensuring high success rates of treatment.

The treatment of non-surgical periodontal therapy is the careful subgingival hygiene of the tooth roots to remove the bacterial plaque and tartar from the deep periodontal pockets, thus smoothing the root and eliminating bacterial toxins.

Clinica Ogodent - tratamentul parodontozei cu laser

The Biolase Epic dental laser is the most advanced device in the field and complements non-surgical periodontal therapy with multiple advantages:

  • strong bactericidal effect that effectively reduces subgingival bacterial cultures
  • weakens the connection between the tartar and the tooth, thus helping to remove the tartar
  • vaporizes granulomatous tissue
  • improves the adhesion of fibroblasts to the root
  • helps to reconnect the gum
  • promotes bone formation

The diode laser specifically targets unhealthy gingival tissue. The laser energy is well absorbed by melanin, hemoglobin and other chromophores that are present in periodontal disease. Laser treatments offer benefits that help cure the chronic inflammatory response in periodontal pockets.
This intervention works well in treating mild to moderate periodontitis. Patients can be treated in a minimally invasive manner without surgery.

Tooth whitening using laser

Laser whitening is an ideal procedure for anyone who wants immediate results.

As the entire procedure takes place in the office in less than an hour, this is the perfect choice for busy people.

The whitening results are visible even after 5 years! No sensitivity!

This process begins by applying a protective gel to the gums. Then, a special laser-activated gel is applied to the teeth, and the dental laser is used to intensify the action of the agent and shorten the activation time.

Clinica Ogodent - albirea dintilor cu laser

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