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A-PRF (Advanced – Platelet Rich Fibrin)

A-PRF (Advanced – Platelet Rich Fibrin) is the latest technology in dental surgery and implantology, shortening the healing time by 50% after any oral surgery!

A-PRF is the advanced method of obtaining plasma membranes rich in platelets and growth factors and their use in dental surgery.

A-PRF stands for enriched blood plasma, concentrated in platelets, numerous growth factors, proteins and cells that support and stimulate bone and soft tissue healing.

A-PRF is obtained by centrifuging freshly collected blood from the patient, which leads to the separation and concentration of only the growth factors in it. The final products obtained are platelet-enriched fibrin membranes and a liquid rich in protein.

The growth factors in the membranes obtained by the A-PRF technique are gradually released for 7 days, and their action leads to a rapid healing from the first days after surgery.

By stimulating angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and implicitly the contribution of nutritional and healing factors in the grafted area, the A-PRF contributes decisively in the consolidation phase of the results obtained initially.

The A-PRF membranes and the liquid obtained are used in combination with bone grafts used in bone additions and implantology to determine rapid bone healing and fixation of bone cells on the titanium surface of dental implants.

Clinica Ogodent - tehnica A-PRF

In our office we use the A-PRF technique in the following surgeries:

  • surgical stage of insertion of dental implants
  • internal and external sinus lift (lifting sinus membranes)
  • periodontal surgery for bone and gingival regeneration
  • postextractional to preserve the volume of the bone cell
Ogodent - chirurgie A-PRF
Clinica Ogodent - chirurgie dentara

Dental surgery

With the help of oral surgery at OGODENT we perform the following surgeries:

    • Simple and complicated tooth extractions (molars of mind included totally or partially)
    • Gingival remodeling
    • Tooth remodeling by dental implants. These are considered the best solution for replacing lost teeth. Learn more at Dental Implantology (button)
    • Periodontal surgery procedures see details
    • Apical resections (surgical removal of dental granulomas)
    • Cystectomies

Of these, the most common procedures are those for inserting dental implants.

Clinica Ogodent - chirurgie dentara

Why are dental implants important?

      • They replace the root of the lost tooth and prevent the migration of neighboring teeth
      • Allow fixed prosthesis in situations where mobile prosthesis would have been required (totally edentulous patients)
      • Stops the process of bone atrophy
      • Prevent gum retraction and bone resorption
      • An essential role in dental aesthetics

At OGODENT we will find together an optimal treatment solution for your dental health.

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