Clinica Ogodent - estetica dentara

Dental aesthetics

This service is addressed to patients who want a smile that is as beautiful as possible, healthy teeth, perfectly aligned and in harmony with everyone’s physiognomy and last but not least as white as possible.

OGODENT can help you get a spectacular smile, as you want it using the latest techniques and materials available and with the best training in the field.

Clinica Ogodent - estetica dentara

Professional teeth whitening

Due to food colorings (coffee, tobacco, black tea, red wine, etc.) as well as intrinsic dyes (excess fluoride, tetracycline), teeth can change color. Fortunately, modern dentistry comes with solutions.

Dental whitening can be done in the office with professional gels in 30-minute sessions, activated by the Biolase USA laser, or at home in individual splints with less concentrated gels.

The shades obtained both through the ‘home’ and ‘in the office’ system are 8 times brighter than the initial shade of the teeth and the result is guaranteed for 2-3 years.

Clinica Ogodent - laser stomatologic - albire cu laser
Clinica Ogodent - fatete dentare - estetica dentara

Dental veneers

One of the important factors of social and professional success is a beautiful and healthy smile.
Situations that can be used with the spectacular transformation of a smile:

  1. Unsightly interdental spaces
  2. Dental crowding
  3. Intrinsic staining (tetracycline, fluorine) of teeth
  4. Unsightly shapes and sizes of certain teeth
  5. Unsightly irregular dental surfaces
Clinica Ogodent - fatete dentare - estetica dentara

The advantages of using dental veneers

  • Requires minor grinding of the outer surface of the teeth (2 mm)
  • Preserves the vitality of the tooth
  • They are very physiognomic
  • With no metal support, no black shadows appear on the gums
  • Texture and translucency similar to natural teeth
  • Lack of allergic reactions due to the biocompatibility of ceramics
  • Ceramic dental veneers are the most physiognomic but also the most delicate restorations, performed by very sophisticated procedures.
  • The veneers made in OGODENT are computer milled through the CAD-CAM process (computer aided design-computer aided manufacturing) -design and computer-aided realization.
  • The ceramics used are VITA Zahnfabrik brand made exclusively in Germany and Switzerland.

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